Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

more Labor Day 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

We took the boys to Chuck E Cheese one day, then the next we took them bowling. They had a blast!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We took Matthew to see Toy Story 3. It was his first movie. He had a blast! I think he thoroughly enjoyed his first movie experience.
We had dad & Hazel over for a cook-out in the afternoon. Thank goodness we have the back patio because it was pouring rain almost the whole time they were here. Sadly, even with as much rain as we had, it didn't stop people from doing their fireworks all day/night. They've been doing them for over a week now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I hate not knowing why I am completely exhausted all the time. I'm guessing most of it is due to the fact that I don't sleep well at night. It could have something to do w/the fact that I'm up til 11pm or later every night & that my internal clock goes off about 5:30am. Being addicted to certain shows & trying to stay awake thru them could be part of it as well. Then, Luke still nursing some thru the night contributes to it as well. I'm sure all of the above contributes to it.
I know some of you as you are reading this & thinking...she still nurses Luke? Yes, yes I do. The doctors said it was/is fine. Luke hasn't really acquired the taste for real milk. Plus, everyone you talk to, etc; says that I should wean when he's ready...& he's not ready. Right now my goal is to try to wean him by his 2nd birthday...if he doesn't self-wean himself before then.
I hate the new policy of having to go into the DMV to get your license & not being able to do it online anymore. What a pain! Now I have to call & try to set up an appointment for next Friday after Carter's mom picks him up. UGH!!! I hope that Wayne's parents can get here before or right at the same time as her so I can go right away. I hate that I have to do it on a Friday afternoon(messes w/my soap opera
Sadly, I think it's getting close to being time to put my Angel down. A few weeks ago, I had to take her for her shots as well as get proof of her old age for Animal Control(someone called in on her for looking "bad"). The vet said she's old & has arthritis. She also said that she probably won't last another year. Sadly, I've seen her going further down hill since then. The poor baby has a hard time walking in the house but can run like mad out back. But she has lost control of her bowels...she has started pooping in her sleep now. I'm guessing this is a sign of the end being near. It will be a sad, sad day for me when it comes. She is the 1st dog I've ever had that took to me over anyone else in the family. My Angel is so precious. I've been blessed in having her w/me these last 14 years. Without her, I don't think I would've gotten thru the "mourning" period after my mom passed away. My Angel was there for me to love & hug on & tell all my feelings, etc.
Well I better close for now. It's almost time for Carter to be picked up & Luke istelling me I'm all done & to come on.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So many feelings running thru my head. Anger, resentment, pity, thankfulness, love, etc, etc. Who knew you could have so many feelings all at once. All these feelings are the result of what happened while I was pregnant w/Luke & the problem that arose w/Wayne's family. They've been brought back to the surface because of Wayne's brother's upcoming wedding. They have made it kid-unfriendly as well as the fact of having it spread out over the span of 6-8 hours. Dad & Hazel are going to watch our boys for the wedding portion but there's no way they can handle the boys for the "dinner" portion too. The wedding's at 2:30pm(will most likely be done by 2:45) & then dinner doesn't start 'til 6pm. This is a big gap of time etc for our kids to be watched by anyone(even grandparents). Due to all that went down that day back in 2008, I have mixed feelings about this whole situation.
I told Wayne the weekend after we got our invitation how/what I was feeling. I still have anger & resentment at being told that I was not a member of the family & that I was F-ing, white trailer trash. It made me know where I stood(at least w/1 member of his family). So, on that note, I told Wayne I wasn't in too big a hurry, etc to find someone to watch the boys for the dinner portion of the day. He understands. Other stuff has gone on regarding the wedding but on her side. I was telling Wayne what I'd found out & said he'd probably catch grief over me not going to the dinner(or hear about it thru the grapevine). When I told him this; he said he'd tell them why should she come when she knows how you really feel about her & also that they were lucky he was even there....This is where my thankfulness & love comes in. The pity is for Wayne being put in this circumstance.
Am I wrong for having these feelings? I don't know BUT what I do know is; I can't help having them!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


This was my first week "working" since I had Luke. I'm watching Wayne's helper's baby. His name is Carter. It's been a little bit of an adjustment but not too bad. The boys & I just have to get used to not being able to run out for an errand, etc whenever we feel like it. I thought Luke would be jealous of Carter but he hasn't been. He was fine....seemed to like having him around, even looked for him when he wasn't here. Matthew thinks Carter is his baby & that his older brother is his kid....this is literally what he calls baby & my kid. LOL
He also told us he wanted his own baby. We told him no way but maybe in a few years when a couple of our dogs pass on, he can have another

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend 2009

We went to breakfast at Dune Deck. It's a little restaraunt right on the beach. We wanted to do something a little different w/the boys. Of course the weekend we decide to do this it's "cold" out. Oh well, we enjoyed it anyways!

End of Luke's B-day

For the rest of Luke's birthday, we took them to the zoo. Afterwards, we parked down by the airport & watched planes take off & land. The boys had a blast! The pics w/Wayne & Matthew walking next to a "bird" were funny. This white peacock followed us thru the whole zoo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Once again, Matthew is sick. He has a cold. He had a fever on Sunday night to Monday morning. It broke after his first nap on Monday. Sunday & Monday night he did not rest at all. Both nights he may have slept 2 hours each night. Last night, however, he did sleep the entire night thru...Praise the Lord!!! BUT,now Matthew's snotty nose(that was clear) is no longer clear....eeeewwwweeee!!! If it doesn't clear up by tomorrow I guess we'll be making a trip to the doctor's office.
Luke is well(or at least I'm trying to keep him that way....preventitive He's walking around like he owns the place. It's funny to watch him....I'm glad I have the chance to be around for him during this stage of his life. I didn't realize how much I really missed of Matthew's first year by having to work.
A few days later....
Luke is sick now too. So are Wayne & I. UGH!!! I hate being sick!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Luke thinks he's hot stuff(& he is)since he can now pull himself up onto the sofas. His walking is getting better each day. He goes further each time...soon it'll be all walking.
I'm afraid he's going to be upset in the next few weeks(or month or so) when I start taking care of Wayne's helper's baby. I'm not looking forward to Luke's jealousy but I am looking forward to the added income. They are in the same boat as us(financially) & adding a huge daycare cost doesn't fit into the budget. I'm only charging them $125/wk...very reasonable. Before I ended up staying home, I looked into daycare for the 2 of ours. It's outrageously priced(at least down here in South Florida). The "cheapest" I found was like $435/wk. I guess it's not bad if you have a great paying job. However that was not the case w/mine. I was lucky if I was bringing home $750/bi-wkly....therefore I'd have been working just to pay for daycare & still end up not making enough. Thus why I became a stay at home mom.
I love my boys! They can get on your "last" nerve sometimes BUT for the most part they are the sweetest. The best is Luke's precious smile that can melt away all your "woes" & Matthew's unexpected(not asked for) hugs & kisses. I truly love & cherish every moment I have w/them. I love them so very much!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Luke's B-day Cake

The little bitty cake is his "smash" cake. I took the "bubble" part of the cake(that had to be cut off) & used it to make a little cake so he'd have something to "smash". Not to "toot" my own horn but I think I did a pretty good